The Kolokotronis Hotel knowing that the demands of everyday life, we remove from ourselves. They get frustrated and fill us with stress, thus causing various psychosomatic strains, with serious effects on our body created Gmk Spa Center.

Make a gift to you and your loved ones …

The initiators of Gmk Spa Center now knowing that our self is precious, designed a beautiful relaxation room, respecting your needs. A place worth visiting to enjoy a trip of beauty and rejuvenation.


To feel betterBody massage


  • Relaxing massage the entire body.
  • Relaxing massage the entire body.
  • Relaxing massage on the back and legs.
  • Therapeutic massage to the neck and hands.
  • Therapeutic massage the back and lumbar
  • Massage with hot stones throughout the body

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All for our clientsBody care

Ablative way wellness and relaxation. Offers moisturizing firming and excellent softness, anti-cellulite act while detoxifying.

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Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle treatment based on natural cocoa with results as firming, anti-aging and moisturizing.

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To not miss you anythingHair Salon


For ultimate relaxationJacuzzi


Everything for our clientsSauna/Hamam


Excellent thermal swimming at high temperatures for your relaxation

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To be fitGym


For those who do not want to ever lose their shape, which in their holiday looking for a dose of adrenaline.

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Muscle relaxant full body massage 45€
Muscle relaxant massage for back,neck,hands 35€
Muscle relaxant massage for back,legs & hands 35€
Massage against stress and indian massage of head 50€
Hot stones massage all over the body 55€
Chocolate body treatment 55€
Thalassotherapy 55€
Aromatherapy 50€
Chocolate face treatment 35€
Firming & Anti – Aging face treatment 35€
Acne – Prone and ioly skin treatment 35€
Private Jacuzzi 15€
Sauna 15€
Hamam 15€
Gym 5€

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