Stoupa Messinia


Stoupa is a rapidly growing coastal resort of Peloponnese. Located in Mani namely Exo Mani, the Messinian Mani Outside ..

It is a traditional village in Messinia. Formerly a quiet fishing village with little population, but today it has acquired all the necessary infrastructure for hosting tourists who choose the area for a family holiday.

Stoupa winter holds a permanent population of about 630 inhabitants, while in summer arrive here tens of thousands of tourists, both from Greece and from Europe, especially Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great. Britain, France, Italy and Scandinavian countries.

The village until 2010 belonged to the Municipality of Lefktron, but now with the new plan Kallikratis Stoupa belongs to the newly created West Mani Municipality. Please note that even the residents including many Western Europeans. Most of them work in tourism, but there are others who cultivate olive trees …