5 beautiful villages of Taygetos to visit

Aka Pentadaktylos, Taygetos is the higher mountain range of Peloponnese, hiding beauty, nature and picturesque villages with mountain flavor Greece!

Trails, canyons, stone bridges, villages, paths, trees, pines, streams, small rivers … All these together compose the Taygetos mountain range of Peloponnese which extends between the basins Megalopolis Eurotas and Messinia and measures 2,407 meters the highest peak , his Agiolia.

Her daughter Pleione and Atlas, Taygetos, is what gave the name to the mountain range in Byzantine times mentioned the name Pentadaktylos because of five peaks and slopes of the encounter except large variety of flora and fauna, with 25 exclusively endemic species, many small villages, each with its own unique atmosphere, some abandoned, but not all, but the main feature of nature, water and their traditional color.


Georgitsi: the balcony of Taygetus
On the northeast side of Mount Taygetos, near the border with Laconia Arcadia Georgitsi rather not unfairly titled “The Balcony of Taygetos”. At an altitude of 970 meters has superb views over much of the valley of Sparta, while feature is the chestnut forest above the last houses of the village. In addition to the chestnut, fir and maple trees that testify the great amount of water in the region, graphics, stone houses with tiled roofs get enough of the eye of those who visit it, giving them a real sense of the mountain village. Residents are scarce, reaching 300 in winter, in summer but “thrown” in 2000 and although Georgitsi is not highly developed, if you choose for your next getaway, you will find guaranteed warmth in the hotel and guesthouse of.

Kastori: the bustling village ..
With lush vegetation, canyons, rivers, elevation 500 meters, nature stou full house, the Suede Laconia northeast of Taygetos is ideal for hiking, mountain bike, canyoning, motorcross and other activities, without this meaning that the more relaxed travelers will find enjoyment and relaxation in images of natural beauty that offers them. The canyon river Castor indicated for exploration, the nature, sources and cave to star, but the stone seats can rest until you climb to the small church of St. Luke in the cave.

Alagonia: Messinian privacy
On the western slopes of Mount Taygetos, amphitheatrically built at an altitude of 800 meters, the Alagonia is a quiet hamlet, for those who want their escape to be more relaxed and free from urban habits. Imagine that the village live less than 200 inhabitants and can then be turned by donkey or hike through the woods, past the fountain of Nika and reach the position Luke, where the tall trees and small waterfall will … set fire to the photographic your machine. In the guest house of the village, in fact, you may find mountain bikes for riding on forest paths that seem plucked from a fairytale.

Nedousa: the village of Nikitara
Northwest Taygetos, at 700 meters above sea level, lies the Nedousa, the birthplace of Nikitara -So why the village you will find the statue and the house of the famous chieftain of the Revolution of 1821. The green once , paints the whole village, at the entrance where a tall stone-built bridge and two water mills give a fairytale atmosphere, the beautiful stone churches in the cave, draw the attention of the visitors. Do not forget to visit the old-tree in place Kaminia, which inside holds up to ten people.

Artemisia: green, temples and monuments
Remaining northwest of Taygetos, Artemisia, at an altitude of 700 meters, is one of the largest villages in geographic extent, built on the ancient There thaliatidas. It has remarkable historical sites and attractions, including the buildings of the historical Monastery of St. John the Theologian in Mele, where there are ruins of the Medieval Mele school and Dimakeia Schools, Lower Country -which no longer katoikeitai- with remarkable monuments and ruins from old buildings, the traditional watermill Mimis Giannopoulos, the stone bridges, etc.